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Statement on accusations against Transparency International by Brazilian corporation J&F

Transparency International condemns and categorically rejects the unfounded accusations by the Brazilian corporation J&F in its judicial appeal before Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court on 6 November.

The accusations follow setbacks that the Brazilian anti-corruption framework suffered under the Bolsonaro government and J&F appears emboldened to seek the annulment of criminal and administrative sanctions it has faced. Dissemination of misinformation regarding Transparency International's work is a regrettable tactic employed in pursuit of this objective. It is disconcerting that J&F, despite committing itself to uphold high ethical standards and cease criminal conduct before judicial authorities in Brazil and the US, resorts to presenting false information to Brazil's Supreme Court. This strategy is evidently aimed at gaining financial advantages in commercial disputes and lawsuits.

Daniel Eriksson, Chief Executive Officer of Transparency International, said:

"The recent assault by the world’s largest meat processor with a record of wrongdoings in the Amazon is utterly baseless. It represents yet another in a series of attacks targeting Transparency International and its national chapter in Brazil. Despite these challenges, we won't be silenced. Transparency International remains steadfast in its commitment to promote transparency and good governance practices, in Brazil as well as worldwide.”

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