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Press conference: Transparency International launches global contest to Unmask the Corrupt

Join Transparency International’s Chair José Ugaz on Thursday in Lima as he presents the case for stopping Grand Corruption and the Unmask the Corrupt contest.

When: 12 November 2015, 10:00am (GMT-5)

Where: Morro Solar in Chorrillos, up alongside the Planetarium

RSVP: [email protected]

The press conference will be held in Spanish, but questions and answers may be in English.

Transparency International is launching a global contest to unmask the corrupt and bring the world’s attention to the cases where corruption is greatest and has the worst effect on individuals and societies:

Corruption on a grand scale occurs regularly in today’s world. From multi-national corporations like Petrobras and overreaching global organisations such as FIFA, to secretive politicians like Tunisia’s Ben Ali and others, the grand corrupt abuse power, enrich themselves, and immensely harm individuals and societies. They often go unpunished.

Help Transparency International denounce grand corruption. Nominate and discuss the most corrupt in your world; all nominations sent through the website are encrypted and secure. They are fully anonymous.

In December the public will vote on the most corrupt. In February of next year the focus of this campaign will turn to the most powerful ways to sanction them. Together we can act against corruption.

For any press enquiries please contact

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Cecilia Lanzara
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