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Cambodian Political parties call for an end to nepotism, abuse of public power and neglect of rule of law

Political parties pledge to fight corruption to minimise social injustice and create a democratic system based on transparency and integrity.

Six out of the eight registered political parties for the upcoming national election in Cambodia pledge their commitment to fight corruption by signing a statement that illustrates how they will achieve their goal. These pledges are a contract between the participating political parties and the public – who will hold the politicians to account.

Political parties signing anti-corruption pledges include the Cambodian National Rescue Party, FUNCINPEC Party, League for Democracy Party, Republican Democracy Party, Khmer Anti-Poverty Party, and Khmer Economic Development Party. The statements were witnessed by delegates from 26 Transparency International chapters from around the Asia Pacific region, diplomats, development partners, civil society organisations, Cambodian youth and other stakeholders.

The ruling party, the Cambodian People’s Party, and the Cambodian Nationality Party declined the invitation to participate.Common ground in these statements include further advancing the declaration of assets and the public’s access to information to expose corruption and once identified, strong law enforcement is needed to prosecute the offenders. The statements point out that nepotism, low wages of civil servants, bribery in education and bribes paid to be promoted into high level positions in government are main concerns for the parties.

Transparency International Cambodia recognises the commitments made by the political parties but calls for a comprehensive access to information law including whistle-blower protection and to improve the existing anti-corruption law.

Cambodia’s key institutions are relatively weak compared to other developed democratic countries and must undergo effective checks and balances. Strengthened institutions are also needed to build a fair and democratic system that prevents individuals from abusing power for personal gain and allows the country’s citizens to benefit from a fair system that provides equal opportunities.

“We have seen many political leaders stand up today and commit to the fight against corruption. We now invite the people to stand together with their leaders to fight the corrosive problem across the country, to monitor politicians’ actions on progress being made and to hold them accountable,” says Kol Preap, Executive Director of Transparency International Cambodia.

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