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New report: Corruption’s threat to peacekeeping missions

Transparency International UK’s Defence and Security Programme will launch a new report on corruption and peacekeeping with a panel discussion hosted by the Permanent Mission of Norway and NYU’s Centre on International Cooperation, and a press briefing with the United Nations Correspondents Association in New York on Wednesday 9 October.

The study examines the way that corruption issues undermine the implementation of peacekeeping mandates. It calls on the UN to recognise the threat that corruption poses in peacekeeping and conflict and suggests framework for reform.

Despite corruption being a major threat to the success of a mission, it is often ignored in planning and execution. Mandates rarely mention it, and training centres currently do not provide any meaningful guidance on how peacekeepers can prevent corruption from becoming more entrenched in the host nation and in the mission itself.

‘Corruption & peacekeeping: Strengthening peacekeeping and the United Nations’ identifies 28 types of corruption that threaten peacekeeping operations, and spells out ways in which the UN can give an important lead in combatting these risks.

The press briefing hosted by the U.N. Correspondents Association will take place in the UNCA Meeting Room, United Nations Secretariat Building, 3rd floor, room 310, at 3pm New York time, with the global Chair of Transparency International, Huguette Labelle, the Programme Director Mark Pyman and one of its senior advisors and former UK Ambassador to NATO, Sir Stewart Eldon. This will follow from a panel discussion hosted by the Permanent Mission of Norway and NYU’s Centre on International Cooperation at One UN Hotel.

The report, executive summary, press release and other material will be available online from Wednesday 9 October at 3pm New York time at

Advance copies of the report and press release will be provided on an embargo basis from Monday 7 October. Interviews before and after the launch can also be scheduled. Both are available upon request by emailing the media contact below.

For any press enquiries please contact

Maria Gili
Communications Officer
Transparency International Defence and Security Programme
[email protected]