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Media Advisory: Transparency International’s Second MENA Regional Roundtable to take place in Tunisia

The Second Transparency International Regional Roundtable will take place in Gammarth, Tunisia on 30th May. Peter Eigen, Transparency International’s Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Council, and Samir Annabi, president of the Tunisian Anti-corruption agency, will open proceedings.

This is the second of three roundtables that commenced in Amman in October 2012. The roundtable will focus on the role of anti-corruption agencies and explore how to enhance these agencies’ interaction with civil society. Participants will discuss the need for anticorruption agencies to be accountable after the installation of new governments in the wake of the Arab Spring. Other issues to be examined are the independence of newly created agencies in the region as well as strengthening law enforcement efforts in the area of illicit financial flows.

The roundtable will bring together a diverse set of participants including government representatives, civil society actors and academics for the one day event.

When: 30th May 2013, from 9.00am

Where: Hotel Ramada Plaza, Gammarth - Tunisia

Speakers include:

Dr. Bilqis Abu Osboa, Vice President, Yemeni Supreme National Anti-Corruption Commission

Dr. Tilman Hoppe, International anticorruption expert, Germany

Mohammed Khalid Laraichi, Secretary General, Moroccan Central Authority for the Prevention of Corruption

Olga Savran, Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor, OECD Paris

Ghada Zughayr, Executive Director, AMAN Palestine

The Roundtable will publish a call to action and recommendations essential for progress in the regional fight against corruption.

For media inquiries or further information please contact

For any press enquiries please contact

Farid Farid
Middle East & North Africa Media Coordinator
+216 524 30 808 (Tunis)
+49 30 34 38 20 650 (Berlin)
[email protected]

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