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MEDIA ADVISORY: Transparency International to publish report on FIFAs 209 football associations

Transparency International will publish a report on the transparency and accountability of FIFA’s 209 member football associations on 19 November 2015. FIFA gives millions of dollars to its 209 member football associations around the world. What do they do with it?

Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement, looked at the publicly available information of all 209 FAs on their finances, their activities, their governance structures, and their ethics. The results show significant failures in transparency and accountability of FAs, heightening their corruption risks.

We are publishing these results and recommendations as FIFA’s reform task force is meeting 19-20 November. It is clear that FIFA needs reforms from the bottom up as well as top down to tackle the current corruption crisis.

What: Transparency International Football Governance League Table

When: Thursday 10.00 am Berlin Time on 19 November 2015


If you are a member of the media and would like an embargo copy of the report, please contact [email protected]

For any press enquiries please contact

Deborah Unger
[email protected]
+49 30 3438 20 666