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Investigation of Cloete Murray killing a top priority

On Saturday 18 March, Cloete Murray, a South African accountant known for investigating high-profile corruption cases, and his son Thomas Murray, a legal advisor, were killed in Johannesburg. Corruption Watch and Transparency International call on South African authorities to conduct a thorough and expeditious investigation.

Cloete Murray was renowned as the curator of many high-profile insolvencies in the country. Most recently, he was appointed by the court as liquidator for the state capture-linked African Global Operations (formerly Bosasa) – a company to which many politically connected figures were linked.

Corruption Watch and Transparency International strongly condemn this act of violence. The investigative process must commence without delay so that perpetrators can be identified, their motives can be understood and that all those involved can be brought to justice. It is crucial for the future of anti-corruption in South Africa that those who attack anti-corruption defenders are held responsible.

Karam Singh, executive director of Corruption Watch, said:

“South Africa is facing a crisis in terms of the rule of law, as levels of public confidence in our law enforcement capabilities – not to mention the political will to hold criminals and the corrupt accountable – have dropped to an all-time low. As the most recent example, the brazen murder of Cloete Murray and his son sends a chilling and intimidating message to anyone seeking to end impunity for corruption and crime. This must represent a turning of the tide for our country.

“Authorities must act now to urgently investigate this case and take steps to strengthen crime-fighting apparatuses and institutions. Failure to investigate this killing as a matter of the highest priority will have a devastating impact on the struggle to curb violence and corruption.”

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