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How transparent are the world’s biggest companies?

From bribery scandals to tax avoidance, multinational companies are under increasing pressure to account for their actions around the world.

On 5 November, Transparency in Corporate Reporting will rank 124 of the world’s biggest publicly-traded companies based on their transparency and public commitment to fighting corruption.

The report will answer questions such as:

  • Do companies publish what they do to make sure their staff don’t engage in corrupt acts?
  • Do they disclose lists of subsidiaries, as well as where they are registered and where they operate?
  • How much financial data do companies reveal about their operations in foreign countries, such as revenues and taxes?

The study covers companies from 25 countries and includes names like Apple, Google, Honda, Goldman Sachs, and Nestle. It will be a chance to compare established global giants to big emerging companies, with 17 companies from “BRIC” countries included.

Transparency in Corporate Reporting
5 November 2014
04.00 GMT (05.00 CET)
Available Online

Interviews can be arranged with both global and regional experts.

Transparency International, the global anti-corruption organisation, last issued this study on 10 July 2012, with a special edition focusing on emerging market companies released on 17 October 2013.

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