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Fostering transparency in lobbying activities in France

Committed companies together with Transparency France develop a guide for reporting lobbying budgets

Together with nine participating companies, Transparency France developed a guide designed to calculate lobbying expenses, as it needs to be mentioned in the register issued by the French Parliament.

As part of the ongoing dialogue between Transparency France and the companies that signed the joint declaration on lobbying1, a pilot group composed of AÉROPORTS DE PARIS, BNP PARIBAS, COCA-COLA ENTREPRISE, CRÉDIT AGRICOLE SA, LA FRANÇAISE DES JEUX, LA POSTE, PERNOD RICARD, SOCIETE GENERALE AND TILDER collaborated in the design of a guide whose goal is to standardize the methods for calculating lobbying expenses that have to be reported in public registers.

Towards more transparency. To date, the National Assembly is the only French institution that requires lobbyists to report the budgets they allocate to parliamentary lobbying: they do so when they register their companies’ names - a process that is not mandatory. A review of budgets reported showed that due to the lack of standardization in such reports, the information varies greatly across organizations and thus limits opportunities for comparisons and analysis.

A reference for all organizations. The present guide, which was developed jointly with partners from the private sector, provides a wide range of organizations (e.g. professional federations, associations, NGOs, trade unions, think tanks) with a common base of standards for the reporting of parliamentary lobbying budgets. It is naturally intended to evolve by gathering stakeholder feedback and taking into account what changes to regulations may occur in the future.

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