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Condemnation of murder of Brazilian anti-corruption activist

Transparency International condemns the murder of the Brazilian anti-corruption activist Marcelo Miguel D´Elia, director of UNIDO-União para o Desenvolvimento de Dourado (Union for the Development of Dourado), an NGO located in the city of Dourado, in the state of Sao Paulo. We extend our deepest sympathies and solidarity to his family, friends and colleagues.

The shocking murder of a prominent civil society leader requires urgent and thorough measures to be taken to ensure the safety of the other members of UNIDO. We also call for a rigorous, transparent and independent investigation into this despicable crime.

The struggle against corruption and the end of impunity for the corrupt at all levels are critical for the well-being of all societies. An attack or threat upon any person or organization because of their anti-corruption work is an attack upon us all.

NGOs, activists and whistleblowers play a fundamental role in fighting corruption and guaranteeing the rights of all citizens. They should not have to face threats to their livelihoods, safety or their lives.

Transparency International will closely follow the investigation into the murder of Mr. D´Elia, and we urge the Brazilian authorities to act promptly, transparently and rigorously. We also call for the full assurance of the safety of the members of UNIDO and other anti-corruption and human rights activists from Dourado and the region.

The struggle against corruption is a struggle for social justice, welfare and peace. It will never be overcome by violence and fear. Transparency International will always be on the side of all those who are dedicated to this cause in Brazil and worldwide.

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