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Co-operation agreement between TI and Junior Chamber International

Young business leaders join TI in promoting transparency and integrity

Transparency International (TI), the leading non-governmental organisation devoted to fighting corruption worldwide, announced today that it was entering into a co-operation agreement with Junior Chamber International (JCI). TI Chairman Peter Eigen and TI Asia-Pacific Regional Director Peter Rooke met JCI President Fernando Sanchez Arias on 27 August to sign the new agreement and discuss future plans.

The meeting took place at the TI Secretariat in Berlin and was the culmination of a process set in motion when Eigen and Arias first met this March. In that first meeting they concluded that their organisations had compatible philosophies and goals, and structures based on similar principles. From there they decided to work towards developing a strong, long-term and mutually beneficial relationship, which has now been formalised with the co-operation agreement signed on 27 August 2004. As a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs with some 250,000 members, the JCI is an excellent partner in ensuring a new generation of global leaders and businesspeople with a strong awareness of transparency and integrity.

The agreement lays out a number of ways in which TI and JCI can work together to strengthen each other, including co-operation on local, national and international levels, and in education and training. As global networks, the organisations can complement one another, giving each other the benefit of a strong presence in specific regions or countries.

As part of this newly minted partnership, Peter Eigen will speak at a JCI congress in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in late September. TI has also been invited to JCI's world congress in Fukuoka, Japan, in 2004 and Vienna, Austria, in 2005. Similarly, JCI plans to participate in future TI regional and international meetings.

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