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Alarm over threat to the independence of Argentina’s General Attorney of the Nation

Transparency International is deeply concerned about the attempt to reform the method for selecting Argentina’s General Attorney of the Nation. Replacing the requirement of a two-thirds majority in the Senate with a simple majority to select the General Attorney would undermine this body’s independence and, in turn, that of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The General Attorney is responsible for the operation of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Argentina, including designing and setting the criminal prosecution policy that allows for effective action against violations of criminal law.

While ensuring the independence and autonomy of the body so that its operation is not subject to pressure from the government, the existing requirement of a two-thirds majority for the selection of the General Attorney aims to compel political actors to seek consensus for the election of the most suitable person for the role. This incentive particularly seeks to generate agreements where there are none, and thus avoid shortcuts and factionalism. It is important to redouble efforts to achieve the necessary democratic consensus, instead of circumventing it by modifying the regulations and discarding their conciliatory spirit.

This is why we call on political actors to reject this unconstitutional reform and, by doing so, avoid unilaterally forcing a change in the balance between powers, which would undermine the actual or potential protection of citizens' rights.

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