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Italian parliament must approve anti-corruption law now

Italy’s parliament is expected to finally vote on a new anti-corruption bill tomorrow Thursday, more than two years since its submission.

The bill could provide greater accountability and transparency in Italian politics and government by establishing an anticorruption agency and by introducing whistleblowing protection in the public sector.

“The negative impact of corruption across Italy is endless and lawmakers can no longer hesitate as billions of euros are stolen from honest citizens. Public services and infrastructure also suffer, while the credibility of the country and the confidence of markets tumble day after day,” said Maria Teresa Brassiolo, head of Transparency International Italy. Italy’s national auditor says corruption costs €60 billion a year, 3 per cent of the national economy.

To make matters worse, the consequences of corruption are growing, according to a recent report published by Transparency International-Italy. The report evaluated the effectiveness of Italy’s politics, public service, businesses and media in the fight against corruption. It warned that Italy needs an independent anti-corruption watchdog to hold the country’s politicians, public officials and institutions to account and enforce new anti-corruption measures.

The fast approval of the anti-corruption bill is in the interest of all. Passage is essential, said Transparency International-Italy, which added that adoption of the bill would be a positive measure and a signal of strong and reasoned understanding of corruption by the Government and MPs.

“Without this bill there will be no advancement in the fight against corruption and crime. Furthermore economic growth will continue to stagnate as the mistrust citizens have in their government representatives grows,” said Maria Teresa Brassiolo.

The bill would make all public administrative bodies to present a 3-year anti-corruption plan. It would also make the study of anti-corruption and integrity part of the high school curriculum.

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