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Transparency International’s Chair, Huguette Labelle to visit Brazil

Huguette Labelle, the Chair of Transparency International (TI), the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption, will visit Brazil from 13 to 15 March. During her visit, Ms Labelle will meet with President Dilma Rousseff and show her support for the activities of Amarribo, TI’s National Contact in Brazil. She will also prepare the ground for the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) set to take place 7 – 10 November 2012 in Brasilia.

Ms Labelle, former Deputy Minister of various Canadian Government departments, has been the Chair of Transparency International’s Board of Directors since 2005. Currently, she is also member of the Board of the UN Global Compact and member of the Group of External Advisors on the World Bank Governance and Anti-corruption Strategy, among others.

Wednesday in Brasilia, Ms Labelle will meet with President Dilma Rousseff to discuss the progress and challenges facing the country in regards to corruption. She will also talk about the positive influence the country can have in leading in the fight against corruption in Latin America and the world given its geo-political and economic importance. In addition, Ms Labelle will meet with the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Antonio Cezar Peluso.

Together with Minister Jorge Hage, Head of the Office of the Comptroller General, Ms Labelle will hold a press conference to report back on the meeting with President Rousseff as well as present the highlights of the upcoming IACC.

When: 14 March 2012, from 15.30pm

Where: Palacio de Planalto, Brasilia

Huguette Labelle will be joined by Alejandro Salas, Regional Director for the Americas at Transparency International and Roberto Perez-Rocha, Senior Manager of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Series

Ms Labelle and all other Transparency International representatives will be available for interviews in Sao Paulo (13 March) and Brasilia (14 and 15 March).

Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.

Note to editors:

Amarribo, Transparency International’s National Contact in Brazil, is a not-for-profit civil society organisation that seeks to combat corruption and promote a culture of accountability while educating and mobilising society in defence of its civil rights. Amarribo does this through a network of organisations throughout the country.

The 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference, as the world’s leading anti-corruption forum, will bring together more than 1500 members of the anti-corruption community, including heads of state, civil society and the private sector. Under this year’s theme, Mobilising People: Connecting Agents of Change, the conference will run more than 50 workshops and plenary sessions from 7-10 November in Brasilia.

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