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Transparency International calls on Tunisian public to work towards strengthening national integrity systems

From the beginning of the protests in Tunisia, the issue of fighting corruption was central to the demands of the demonstrators. As Tunisians seek to put a new framework in place to break from the past, the delegation of Transparency International (TI) calls upon the Tunisian public to work towards a common purpose of strengthening national integrity systems.

TI has long-standing experience in supporting countries around the world to conduct research to assess strengths and weaknesses of national integrity systems. If requested, TI and its global network of chapters are ready to provide our expertise to the Tunisia.

Our experience has been that the participation of all national stakeholders leads to the development of a comprehensive strategy to fight corruption. Where civil society has worked closely together-- actively securing the contributions of youth and women – this has enhanced the space for citizens’ participation in public affairs.

The fight against corruption in a transitional context needs to be seen in relation to the struggle for democracy. Anti-corruption reforms must be introduced in tandem with broad democratic initiatives, including the promotion of fundamental freedoms, tolerance, protection of human rights, and promotion of the principles of equality and social justice.

In line with the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which Tunisia has already ratified, TI underlines the importance of an independent, well-resourced and effective anti-corruption mechanism. A strong and independent judiciary complements such a mechanism.

The TI delegation is impressed by the vibrancy of Tunisian society’s demand for integrity. We hope to return to Tunisia in the near future. We remain ready to support those committed to the fight against corruption.

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