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Malaysia: Statement from Transparency International

Tabling of Freedom of Information Enactment Bill 2010 (FOI Bill) in Selangor State Assembly

Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) commends the Selangor state government for taking the first and important step towards Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation in Malaysia. TI-M and many organisations have been advocating FOI legislation at all levels of government, for transparency the people's right to information. FOI is a crucial component of a national integrity system for integrity, transparency and accountability.

We urge all politicians to view this Bill positively, and to debate in an open and constructive manner. The Selangor government should then implement and enforce the legislation wisely for the good of the people.

TI-M calls on the Federal government and all other state governments to enact legislation to acknowledge the public's right to information while protecting truly sensitive information with such protection having to be justified instead of being automatic, and for the Federal government to repeal or at the minimum to revamp the scope of the Official Secrets Act.


About Transparency International - Malaysia

Transparency International – Malaysia is an accredited chapter of Berlin based Transparency International. It is a non-governmental organization to counter corruption nationally as well as internationally. Our mission is to curb corruption through international and national coalitions encouraging governments to establish and implement effective laws, policies and anti-corruption programmes. We strive to strengthen public support and understanding for anti-corruption programmes and enhance public transparency and accountability in international business transactions and in the administration of public and private procurement.

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