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Palestine: The governments of Norway and the Netherlands sign an agreement with AMAN to support AMAN’s core program (Phase IV)

June 29, 2010, the Governments of Norway and the Netherlands signed a funding agreement with AMAN Coalition (Transparency Palestine) at AMAN’s headquarters in Ramallah.

Under the terms of this agreement, both governments will contribute US$ 1.9 million to support the implementation of AMAN’s core program phase IV, "Enhancing values of integrity, principles of transparency and systems of accountability in the Palestinian society”. Duration of this phase is three years (2010-2013). It is worth noting that the Governments of Norway and the Netherlands have been the funders of AMAN’s program since 2004.

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi–AMAN’s Board chairperson signed the agreement on behalf of AMAN, while Mr. Jack Twiss Quarles van Ufford--Head of Mission of the Representative Office of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Palestinian Authority signed it on behalf of the Government of the Netherlands, and Mr. Espen Lindbæck, Counselor at the Norwegian Representative Office, signed it on behalf of the Norwegian Government.

AMAN’s fourth phase program was designed on the basis of AMAN’s strategic reviews recommendations, AMAN’s reports and studies carried out during the third phase of the program, as well as lessons learned from past phases.

“The work of the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) is extremely important since it boils down to a seemingly simple truism that at the foundation of any meaningful, sustainable development lays a contract of confidence between a government, the authorities and its citizens” said Mr. Jack Twiss Quarels van Ufford head of Mission of the Netherlands Representative Office.

The program, phase IV, will capitalize on achievements made by AMAN such as, endorsing and promoting the national plan for enhancing transparency and integrity in the work of Palestinian institutions, which was initiated and prepared by AMAN and PNA representatives in 2008-2009. Additionally, the program will target vital sectors and institutions like the private sector, oversight & monitoring institutions, and local councils. AMAN will contribute in instilling values of integrity and accountability as well as a resistance to corruption among PNA officials. Furthermore, AMAN will continue public awareness activities to create responsible and accountable citizens.

The program also includes a set of complementary activities initiated in previous phases, which include strengthening the role of civil society organizations in monitoring public sector performance, granting integrity awards, preparing and publishing several studies and reports on the subject including the annual corruption report, in addition to implementing several campaigns to enhance the culture of whistle blowing.

“AMAN’s uniqueness lies in its integrated approach to combating all forms of corruption in all sectors, in its proactive and preventive approach, and in the fact that it is an authentic, home-grown Palestinian initiative that seeks to create built-in systems of accountability and integrity from within,” explained Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, chairperson of AMAN’s Board of Directors.

The signing ceremony was attended by members of AMAN’s General Assembly and Board of Directors, civil society representatives and PNA officials in addition to media representatives. On the donors’ part, the ceremony was attended by Ms. Meena Syed, Second Secretary at the Norwegian Representative Office and Mr. Ziad Sharia, Senior Policy Advisor at the Netherlands Representative Office.

While AMAN will continue its efforts to secure the remaining funds needed for the implementation of the program phase IV, AMAN would like to express its thanks and appreciation to the Governments and peoples of Norway and the Netherlands for their continued support of the Palestinian people and AMAN.

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