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Papua New Guinea: Transparency International (TIPNG) questions the changes to the environmental act

Corruption watchdog fully supports the right for Madang communities to voice their land related complains

Corruption watchdog Transparency International (TIPNG) fully supports the right for Madang communities to voice their concerns relating to the operations of the Ramu Nickel mine and the potential impact this project may have on their lives.

"The concerns raised by this group and the growing number of citizens in Madang and the rest of PNG in relation to the possible environmental damage related to the use of the deep sea discharge of mine tailings are genuine and it would be prudent for the our elected representatives to consider their views”, said Chair of TI Peter Aitsi.

It is deeply regrettable just less then a month after the protest march and petitions against the Maladina Amendments we see yet again the abuse of parliamentary process to amend laws without proper debate and proper consideration of the longer term impact on the wider community.

The changes made to the environmental laws by Minister Benny Allen and supported by the ruling coalition led by the National Alliance is a clear signal that parliament has become a rubber stamp for vested interests and those with money.

We clearly see the process of parliament being misused and undermined, where was the debate, where was the wider public consultation, where was the well informed research and legal grounds for these changes. What we have is a knee jerk reaction based on a development at any costs attitude.

The lack of transparency in the way these changes were tabled and passed implies a sinister motive or worse yet a naivety of the consequences of these actions.

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