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Kosovo: KDI demands institutional response regarding EULEX recent actions against corruption

The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EU-LEX) conducted an operation prowling the offices of the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications, as well as Minister Limaj’s properties. The entire operation was conducted due to suspicion of corruption in this Ministry.

The Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI), national contact of Transparency International, considers that the operation aims to combat corruption and organized crime and falls under the rule of law. The developments are in line with citizens’ expectations to have a functional, transparent and accountable state.

However, KDI expressed its concern for the lack of information provided from the institutional actors related to these events. KDI Chief Executive, Ismet Kryeziu, highlighted that a bad image of Kosovan society has become normal over the past two or three years, leading to non-disclure of information and leaving citizens uniformed.

“The events, that are worth mentioning today and still remain unclear to citizens, are the events of the 10th of February, the "Police Evidence Housebreak", the Bllaca Case, the alleged smuggling case of EULEX, and the recent operation at the Ministry. They shed a bad light on politics, national and international institutions”, Mr. Kryeziu said.

“KDI considers that these events show a deep moment of crisis in the political and institutional arena through which the Kosovan society is going“, said Mr. Kryeziu. He noticed further, that even after all these events institutions continue to keep silence, and a lack of informationand necessary political and institutional reaction remain.

According to Mr. Kryeziu, being a high official is not only a privilege but also a responsibility towards the electorate. Therefore, by remaining silent, our institutions do not contribute to the functioning of the state on the basis of the rule of law. In contrary, it produces the impression of a society where the law is teeth-less.

Considering these events, KDI requests more responsibility from the national and international institutions in order to ensure the rule of law. “We also call for national institutions to be more transparent and provide a responsible attitude towards their citizens in situations like this”, added Mr. Kryeziu.

KDI also calls for EULEX to address special cases with special attention and priority. Otherwise, the image of EULEX in the country would continue to suffer, a condition which is not desirable.

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