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Macedonia. Transparency - Zero Corruption for improved election system

The need for greater transparency and monitoring of political parties and their funding was stressed by the participants of the “Transparency - Zero Corruption” public debate on the legal provisions on funding electoral and referendum campaigns in the Republic of Macedonia.

A discussion document was prepared by the working group as part of the project “Improved election system in the Republic of Macedonia”, implemented by Transparency Zero Corruption in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and other relevant stakeholders, and supported by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway.

The proposed provisions relate to increased control over the funds of political parties in general and specifically during election campaigns, the types of donations and how to report them, as well as a more efficient control over the media campaigns. The provisions are promoting increased authority for the State Electoral Commission as the only independent institution during the election campaigns.

“These kind of regulatory provisions are crucial for solving the problem with corruption during election campaigns considering that today we have no institution responsible for efficiently controlling this matter”, said Prof. Slagjana Taseva, President of Transparency Zero Corruption. As a result from lack of transparency in the political parties and campaigns financing, pressure and intimidation are still present in the Republic of Macedonia.

“Macedonia has to work more on its transparency, although it has shown better result than in 2009”, stressed the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Macedonia – H.E Mr. Kjetil Paulsen.

At the 46th Plenary Session of the GRECO plenary, held from 23 to 26 March in Strasbourg, the Report from the Third Round of Evaluation of the Republic of Macedonia on Political Parties Funding has been adopted with six recommendations to be reported back on 31st September 2011.

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