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New report analyses corruption in Egypt

Media Advisory

Transparency International (TI), the global anti-corruption organisation, will release an in-depth analysis of key institutions, laws and practices in Egypt. The report, National Integrity System Egypt, to be released on 20 March, 2010 assesses the weaknesses that expose a country to corruption and identifies strengths to foster transparency and accountability.

When: 20 March 2010
What: National Integrity System Egypt

Interviews may be arranged in Arabic or English.

The report is one in a series of National Integrity System studies (NIS) conducted by TI. The NIS consists of the key institutions, laws and practices that contribute to integrity, transparency and accountability in a society. When it functions properly, the NIS combats corruption as part of the larger struggle against abuse of power, malfeasance, and misappropriation in all its forms.

This approach provides a framework to analyse the extent and causes of corruption in a given national context, as well as the adequacy and effectiveness of national anti-corruption efforts. By diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, the NIS can provide recommendations and shape priorities for anti-corruption reform efforts.

Transparency International is the civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.

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