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Papua New Guinea: Time to act against corruption

Transparency International PNG is supporting recent comments made by the Governor of East New Britain Leo Dion when raising his concern at the level of corruption that has taken hold on government systems.

These systematic networks have been detailed on the Department of Finance Commission of Inquiry report. In response Chair of TI PNG, Peter Aitsi said “We are very much aware the public has lost all confidence in government systems. It seems the user pay policy has now been extended to even what used to be considered as essential and basic public services”.

We understand the Prime Minister is also very concerned at the brazenness of these corrupt people who ply their trade in the corridors of parliament house. This must stop now, if no action is taken now, whatever wealth that LNG brings will only go to further line the pockets of a few while the majority of Papua New Guineans get left behind.

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) urges the government to push forward with the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS). We know there has been much consultation and work done within key government agencies, but all this effort must not be in vain. The organisations that are currently reviewing the strategy we urge you on behalf of your People to do your part to protect the interest of public. This strategy needs to be in place to help rebuild the governance environment within our government system and help restore the public’s confidence in the systems that are meant to protect their interests.

TI PNG is concerned the planned launch of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in March 2010 will be further delayed.

TIPNG says that since this document should form the foundation of the Governments plans to implement the PNG Vision 2050 vision and support it to meet the requirements of the Millennium Development Goals.

TIPNG says the National Anti-Corruption Strategy should be given paramount attention to ensure the implementation of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare’s vision for improvements in government and the public service mechanism are able to move forward.

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