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For greater publicity in the budget planning process

The organisation Transparency - Serbia considers that it is necessary to ensure greater public availability of data in the process of planning the Serbia's budget for the next year. Citizens of Serbia have the opportunity to read daily news on the negotiations of certain sectors’ budget, and how much is approved in the draft for each institution, but they don't have the possibility for an insight into the complete draft of the budget, nor into the prepositions of financial plans in which state organs express their needs for the following year.

Considering that the restrictive budget is expected in 2009, which can not completely satisfy demands and expectations, we consider that the current draft of budget including its elaborated prepositions of financial plans should be published. This will allow the citizens of Serbia to have an insight into how the lack of financial resources may influence the level of fulfillment of the tasks that state organs have to perform, as well as the provision of services by the public administration.

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