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TIPNG applauds crack down on illegals

TIPNG happy with the work done by government line agencies to crack down on illegal immigrants in the country.

TIPNG commends the National Intelligence Organization (NIO) in providing vital information that prompted the swift apprehension of illegal immigrant workers of Chinese nationality at the Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang by officers from the Labor and Foreign Affairs Departments and the Trans National Crime Unit.
The anti-corruption organization is calling on all respective authorities to ensure that the reported illegal immigrant workers are prosecuted according to the laws of the land and ensure those government officers responsible for allowing them entry into the country be investigated and dealt with.
If the alleged reports are true then all indications are that certain officials within the Labor and Employment and Foreign Affairs Departments are either incompetent or aiding and abetting the entry of the reported illegal workers.

The consequences of such mal practices will minimize and reduce employment opportunities for Papua New Guineans and has to be stopped with further investigations. This issue is a serious threat to the nation’s security and TIPNG is concerned that some Papua New Guineans are able to indulge in highly corrupt deals at the risk of the nation and its people.

TIPNG is encouraging the NIO to continue its outstanding efforts to stop foreign nationals gaining entry into Papua New Guinea through illegal means for the purpose of employment.

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