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AMAN intend to establish an Advocacy and Legal Advice Center - serving casualties and witnesses of cases related to corruption

Announcement during close-up of AMAN training course “The role of media in fighting corruption”

AMAN executive director, Ghada Zughayar announced AMAN intend to establish an - Advocacy and Legal Advice Center - serving casualties and witnesses of cases related to corruption in the Palestinian territories, indicating this center will be the first of kind in the Arab World to handle such issue; clarifying that the center will be equipped with legal consultants to follow up and handle complaints submitted by Palestinian citizens and different sectors of the society specifically journalists and media-activists, who with a direct contact line to the center will be provided with a legal advice.

Clarifying that this step comes in the context of AMAN’s continuous efforts in creating a community based pressure over decision makers towards building clear policies in fighting corruption and highlighting the destructive results of corruption affecting a wide spectrum of our community.

This statement came during a closing speech delivered by Zughayar at the end of a three consecutive day training course held by AMAN for media reporters and activists, Zughayar encouraged and stressed a future continuity of such programs under -fighting corruption- theme by enhancing capabilities and skills of local media reporters.

Mr. Mountaser Hamdan, general coordinator of the media Network for Transparency and Integrity called at different parts of media, press and journalists to join the coalition to benefit the future activities and programs offered; hinting that the Network made a significant progress arranging its internal affairs as a basic block to ignite a future chain of important activities.

Pointing that the Network is willing to adopt and publicize investigative reports from media activists and journalists wherever local media denied publicizing, stressing the importance of spiritual group-working that multiply the magnitude of impact on local media handling corruption cases within the Palestinian community.

The workshop ended by participants indicating the importance of an active website that encourages ideas and suggestions in regard to corruption, furthermore publicizing press investigations with what it takes of legal help for journalists and media activists.

The training course included different major lectures and discussions conducted by media expert Bienaz Sameer Batrawi and the legal expert Nasser Al-Raiees, where issues relating to the magnitude, phenomena, concepts and impact of corruption were handled. Adding an opening entrance to media and community cases, the role of journalism handling corruption issues, morality of media profession, procedures required to establish values against corruption and how journalism practice its role as a forth authority and as a tool of community supervision, not forgetting the United Nation Anti- Corruption Convention with what it includes of international mechanisms.

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