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The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity AMAN proceed in the implementation of the programme of the provision of grants to civil organisations

Recently, AMAN Coalition for Accountability and Integrity and within the third phase of its core programme "Promoting integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society," initiated the implementation of the grant funds programme targeting the Palestinian NGOs. Grants have been made available as part of AMAN’s core fund provided by the governments of Norway and the Netherlands.

This program, the first of its kind to AMAN Coalition, aims at encouraging Palestinian NGOs to adopt initiatives and activities in the area of good governance and anti-corruption culture through promoting the values of integrity, transparency and accountability in the Palestinian society, in addition to the dissemination of and promote a culture of non-lenient with corruption. The grant program came from the basis of the initial commitment of such rules as an essential component of good governance on the road to building a national integrity system, which AMAN coalition adopted since its establishment in the year 2000 upon the initiative by a number of Palestinian NGOs working in the field of human rights and good governance. And to mention, AMAN’s grants coordinator has responded to many queries from several civil organizations regarding qualification criteria and grants conditions, the crew of the programme is currently preparing the technical experts terms of reference which will be recruited to contribute in the process of evaluating the projects submitted by non-governmental organizations which is expected to take place immediately after the closing date of submission on the 20th of this month.

Earlier, AMAN announced the start of receiving project proposals in the local newspapers and its website adding to that a declaration through training courses held recently by AMAN Coalition to the NGOs calling upon them to submit project proposals that include one of the following themes:

  • Minimizing impact of corruption on marginalized groups.
  • Raising awareness about various forms of corruption and its impact on the Society.
  • Corporate good governance, Providing Palestinian youth with an understanding of corruption and ways to combat it through ITA values and principles, including the identification and design of strategies like planning effective advocacy, awareness and lobbying campaigns.
  • Equipping young journalists with skills and techniques for independent investigations and reporting on issues related to corruption.
  • Monitoring of the public sector’s performance.

For any press enquiries please contact

Rami Mousa
E: [email protected]

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