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TI-M Press Statement on UN Ratification and Freedom for Teresa Kok

Transparency International Malaysia congratulates the Malaysian Government on its ratification of the UN convention against corruption on September 18, 2008, by the foreign minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, on behalf of the Malaysian government.

TI-M had been urging the government for a long time to do so; and we are therefore naturally delighted over this happening.

Although the foreign minister expressed his optimism that the TI Corruption Perception Index (CPI) would be pushed up to a better placing, we are doubtful if this is possible so soon.

The new CPI will be announced on next Tuesday September 23 rd, 2008, and this breakthrough may not be taken fully into account so fast , as public perceptions take time to change and register and to be monitored.

Nevertheless TI-M is greatly encouraged by this historical ratification of the UNCAC and hopes that stronger policies will be adopted and a greater political will shown, to fight corruption with more zeal and zest after this important UN ratification.

With a stronger commitment to fight corruption by government and The private sector, civil society and the Rakyat as well, the public perceptions domestically and abroad, will improve and our placing on the CPI could improve considerably.

Teresa Kok - freed.

In this connection the release of Yb Teresa Kok today is an expression of better accountability on the part of government.

Likewise TI-M urges the govt to free Raja Petra and all other Isa detainees, in the interest of more national transparency, integrity and progress.

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