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Transparency Serbia calls to adopt amendments proposed by Ombudsman

The organisation Transparency - Serbia invites parliamentary groups in the National Assembly to accept the amendments to the Government's proposition of the Law on Personal Data Protection formulated and elaborated by the Ombudsman. The adoption of these amendments would help, among other things, to avoid current threats to the planned system of protection of privacy, but also to the established level of protection of rights for free access to information (articles 40, 45 and 49 of the draft) and consequently to the fight against corruption.

The adoption of these amendments has a wider meaning. By adopting the proposition the National Assembly would show that it respects the opinion of an independent state organ – the Ombudsman – which is the most competent organ to assess the effects of new regulation on practicing guaranteed human rights and to whom legislative initiative is given by the constitution precisely for the purpose of helping deputies to achieve the best decision.

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