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Procedures ignored by Public Officers

Transparency International (PNG) Inc is very disturbed by the announcement that Mr Charles Punaha has been appointed as Pangtel’s Director General without going through proper procedures. TI Chairman Mike Manning said that the Somare Government had endorsed procedures that would see the appointment of Departmental and Statutory Authority heads on merit rather than at the whim of a Minister or a crony.

“What is the point in adopting good policies and practices if they are ignored?” Mr Manning asked. These procedures were introduced by the Morauta and Somare Governments because of the increasing politicisation of the public service and the frequent appointment and removal of the country’s most senior public servants. Mr Manning observed that it is impossible for the country to run properly when it does not appoint the best people available to senior positions.

He said that there were too many stories of appointment being made by NEC and then the serving officer refusing to leave office. The general public is rightly confused and disgusted that such senior appointments can be taken so lightly.

“Far too often we read of the continued practice of appointing political and personal supporters to such vital positions” he said, “No wonder the basic administration of the country is in such a mess with public servants not turning up for work, not doing their jobs and often being rude to the general public”.

TIPNG calls upon the government to confirm whether the reported appointment of Mr Punaha is true and whether proper procedures were followed. If the story is true TI urges the Government to cancel the appointment and institute the proper procedures for the appointment.

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