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CCAC Joint Media Statement

The CCAC is relying on TIPNG and the Media Council to take a lead in spearheading this initiative included drafting a strategy/plan of action and circulating this for the agreement of the CCAC members.

Following passionate chorus of statements and pleas, the group reached consensus on the following strategy/plan of action.

  • Preparing and disseminating information briefs on the key issues for members to discuss with their communities.
  • Publishing the coalition’s concerns in all newspapers, radio & TV commencing with a joint CCAC Press Conference.
  • Conducting a major forum in Port Moresby followed by similar forums in other provincial centres and invite government & other key speakers to engage in dialogue and provide our people with good rationale information about these issues.
  • Civil society and individual citizens demanding from their respective Members of Parliament their position on these national issues and seek pro active participation from their MPs in weeding out corruption and finding solutions.
  • Challenging authorities to move quickly to apply lawful penalties, particularly following Commissions of Inquiry and PAC determinations including normal investigations.
  • Submitting a Petition to Parliament if warranted.
  • Having a possible “Nationwide Stop Work day.”

In their joint statement members of the CCAC said, the plan of action is not about bringing down the government of the day but the coalition’s focus is to send strong messages to government, parliament, the bureaucracy, business and the wider community that the people of PNG are fed up with corruption, poor governance and the strongly held perception about one law for the “big people” and another for the “small people.”

The coalition said it is imperative that the PNG community as a whole unites and makes an extremely strong expression to the Government of the Day that the people are aware of what is happening and desire for it to come to a stop.

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