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Proceedings of the Kosovo Assemby session unsatisfactory

Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI) through this press release expresses its deep dissatisfaction with the flow of proceedings of the Kosovo Assembly’s session held on 03 June 2008 (Tuesday), where it was planed to review the annual report of the Kosovar Anti-Corruption Agency.

Even though in every public opinion survey conducted in Kosova the phenomenon of corruption is rated to be one or the most problematic issue and usually Kosova is rated to be among the countries with high level of corruption, this problem seems not to bother the members of parliament (MP) of Kosova. The majority of Kosova Assembly MPs have not thought of being worth returning to the second part of the session that was supposed to continue at 03:00 p.m, in the same day. To make things worse, for more than 10 minutes the Assembly of Kosova continued proceedings without its quorum, with only 32 MPs present (this number later increased to 36), that is completely contrary to Regulation 31, Article 2, of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of Kosovo.

Only after intervention of some of MPs, the Assembly stopped the proceedings to continue them later after another break. Such conduct of MPs shows irresponsibility and lack of seriousness, first of all toward the vote of citizens of Kosova and secondly toward the Kosovar Anti-Corruption Agency - institution that was founded by the Assembly itself.

KDI requests from the members of Assembly of Republic of Kosova, to be more accountable and serious toward the concerns of citizens while exercising their duties and obligations. At the same time KDI requests that the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of Kosovo must be followed promptly. The episode that happened today in the proceedings of Kosova Assembly shows that this institution is still behind the standards common to western democratic parliaments.

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