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The Transparency Shield award ceremony 2007

In memory of Prof. Dove Izraeli

On March 25th, SHVIL – the Israeli chapter of TI (Transparency International), held the annual “Transparency Shield Award" Ceremony in memory of Prof. Dove Izraeli, the founder of SHVIL / TI-Israel.

The Award is granted to individuals and/ or organizations leading in implementing ethical behavior and promoting transparency and social responsibility in the Israeli society.

This year The "Transparency Shield Award" was granted to seven local municipalities; Beit Arye-Ofarim, Haifa, Migdal-HaEmeq, Misgav, Ma’alot Tarshiha, Nes-Ziona and Shoham, in a ceremony held in Tel Aviv University.

Mrs. Galia Sagy, CEO of SHVIL, presented the findings of the “Transparency and Open access to Information in Local Municipalities” project, conducted by SHVIL . The project examined the transparency, accessibility to information and the scope of its dissemination, in 15 of the largest independent municipalities in Israel.

Prof. Josef Gross, SHVIL’s chairperson, presented the role of the directorate in a public company and referred to it as “Servant of Two Masters”. Following his lecture, a lively panel discussion took place, under the topic of “Municipal Corporate – between business and public”, with the participation of representatives of Municipal Corporations and the Ministry of Interior: Dr. Shuki Amrani; Orli Garti-Seroussi, Director, Bureau of Municipal Corporations Tel Aviv; Yossi Shvo, The Mayor of Nes-Ziona; and Itzhak Borba, chairman of the municipal companies organization.
The discussion was moderated by Dr. Yonatan Menuhin, an ethics lecturer and Head of Social Accountability Department in BDO Ziv Haft Accounting firm.

The ceremony concluded with scholarships awarded, in the memory of Dove Izraeli, to four MA and PhD students whose studies promotes the objectives of TI and ethics in Israel. The scholarships were contributed by "Motorola Israel" and "Bank Hapoalim"

Galia Sagi, CEO TI (Transparency International) ISRAEL

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