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TI Pakistan recommends all Political Parties to Follow Rule of Law

Transparency International Pakistan in a congratulatory letter to PPPP, PML(N), MQM and ANP has recommended to them to follow rule of law to respect the trust the nation have reposed in them in the recently concluded elections. TI-P reminded them that Corruption is the biggest challenge to this nation, politicians, public servants and business community. Allegations of corruption has undermined and destabilized democracy in Pakistan, distorted our Public Policies, and led to misallocation of our meager resources. It has harmed Public and Private Sector developments and has given reason for dissolving the previous four democratically elected governments.

Prior to the general elections of 2002, a 'Political Parties Pledge to the People of Pakistan' was signed by all political parties on September 19, 2002 at a National Convention organized by Transparency International at the convention centre, Islamabad. Signatories were President Pervez Musharraf, Azhar (PML Q), Farooq Leghari (Millat Party), Sartaj Aziz (PML N), Dr Farooq Sattar (MQM), Iqbal Khattak (PPP-S), Imtiaz Shaikh (SDA), Ajmal Khattak (PNAP), M Ashraf (JI), and Imran Khan (PTI). All the parties signed the following: 'We solemnly pledge to the people of Pakistan that after the elections, when the new government is sworn in, those of us who emerge as the elected leaders of our beloved country will as a matter of the highest urgency come together to adopt and implement an effective anti-corruption reform programme which will strengthen accountability and transparency through an independent and effective judicial system based on ensured access to information throughout all levels of federal and provincial government'. PML (Q), PPP (S), Millat Party, SDA. PML (F) and MQM were in the coalition government from 2002 to 2007. The political parties in the previous government failed to act on their "Pledge to Nation". In the 2008 elections, the nation has rejected most of these parties.

Transparency International Pakistan on 20th November 2007 requested all Political Parties to include in their Manifestos 11 recommendations for combating corruption. In their party manifestos PML (N) included 10, MQM 9, PPP 7, PML(Q) 5 and ANP 4 out of the 11 recommendations. TI- political parties to remain faithful to its commitment to the nation as given in their manifesto

Transparency International Pakistan requests all the parties to bring Good Governance and the Rule of Law in Pakistan which is only possible with an independent and unbiased Judiciary.

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