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Interim government agrees to sign and ratify UN Convention against Corruption

Transparency International Fiji welcomes the interim Government most recent decision to sign and ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The Convention’s mains purposes being:

  • To promote and strengthen measures to prevent and combat corruption more efficiently and effectively;
  • To promote, facilitate and support international cooperation and technical assistance in the prevention of and fight against corruption, including recovery of stolen assets placed in foreign territories;
  • To promote integrity, accountability and proper management of public affairs and public property.

The Government in agreeing to sign and ratify this convention has shown its serious commitment to combat corruption in Fiji and globally.

To date globally 140 countries have signed this convention with 104 ratifications. In the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are the only countries which have signed and ratified this convention.

TI Fiji will continue to encourage government to introduce additional supporting legislations such as the Freedom of Information Act, Protection of Whistle-blower Legislation and Code of Conduct for Public Officials to combat corruption in Fiji.

Hari Pal Singh
Transparency International Fiji

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