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TI Fiji makes its position clear on the importance of fair auditing being carried out

Transparency International Fiji (TI) is concerned at the apparent lack of action to prosecute cases of corruption and prevent the further perpetration of corruption, malpractice and abuse of public funds.

TI believes that all audits carried out by either special audit terms or the Auditor General on Government Departments, Statutory Bodies and other government control entities, must be made public for the sake of transparency and public knowledge.

TI Fiji is concerned that in the absence of a Public Accounts Committee such audit reports could be swept under the carpet.

In the interest of fair play and transparency, proper investigation procedures including giving a fair opportunity of response to those who are accused of malpractice and rules of justice must be followed. Investigations must be swiftly and fairly conducted and concluded so that prosecutions by appropriate authorities can be carried out successfully.

TI believes that those implicated in such corrupt practices after due investigation, should be effectively prosecuted as this will act as deterrent to others who may wish to indulge in such practices.

The media reports cases of allegation on corruption and abuse of funds and of office. However, we urge the media to play a more active role in investigative journalism.

For any press enquiries please contact

Hari Pal Singh
T: 670 3140 /9907870