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Managing of public enterprises should be depolitized

Unusual late appointing of public enterprises' officials, which is probably caused by the desire of political parties to gain the best possible control over their business and assets flow, should be used for opening of discussion about solutions which would more efficiently protect public interests.

Existing system in which Government, that is parties that form it, handles work of public enterprises and have control over all three organs (director, managing and supervising board), obviously isn't functional. For appointing of managing and supervising board's members of some public enterprises there are no issued conditions considering expert knowledge and experiences, and Government doesn't have the obligation to publish in Act of Appointment anything but the name of the chosen member, which disables citizens to get a better picture on qualifications of those people. Transparency– Serbia considers that that system should be changed.

These days we had the opportunity to hear about the idea that public competition precedes to appointing of public enterprises' directors. Truthfully, this idea is stated only as an alternative to making inter-party agreements. Transparency – Serbia considers that this way of choosing officials should become rule, and that it would be the right way for Government to gain citizens' trust in this area and public enterprises to get a good manager.

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