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TI Romania: Senate’s adoption of the law establishing the National Integrity Agency

Transparency International Romania would like to express its satisfaction at the Senate’s adoption of the law establishing the National Integrity Agency, although the measure is a belated result of pressure from the threat of the European Union safeguard clause.

As a consequence of its mission, TI-Romania put its expertise in this area at the disposal of the Minister of Justice, regardless of political orientation, and contributed in summer 2004 to creating the original draft law envisioning an organization to prevent and oversee corruption risks. In September 2004, the law was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and sent to the Senate, and over the course of 2005, 2006 and 2007 TI-Romania has continued to offer technical support to the Ministry of Justice for drafting the law establishing a National Integrity Agency.

The adoption of this law represents a satisfying and important success in a field which has been an import focus of TI-Romania’s advocacy. We also salute the gesture of the political parties demonstrated through law’s unanimous adoption.

TI-Romania appreciates that the form adopted by the Senate responds to the key principles of anticorruption public policy and can be correctly and efficiently implemented through the National Integrity Agency. These key principles for the Agency were created and promoted by TI-Romania in 2006, as a result of the numerous modifications this law suffered in the debate process. TI-Romania now hopes that its adoption does not simply represent a political trophy for the present administration, but a real engagement in preventing and combating corruption.

In view of the continuing possibility of activation of the safeguard clause, TI-Romania would like to draw attention to the fact that the adoption of the National Integrity Agency does not represent a complete fulfilment of the commitment assumed. With this in mind, we encourage the authorities in Bucharest to ensure that the Agency is now effectively established with respect for the highest standards.

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