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A Call for the Amendment of the Charitable and Non-Governmental Organizations Law

AMAN (Transparency Palestine) Coalition had organized a second workshop in Gaza to discuss a study produced by Ms. Fatmeh Mo’akat, A Palestinian Lawyer, contracted by AMAN for producing a legal review of the Charitable and Non-Governmental Organizations Law. The aim of the review is to ensure and enhance systems of transparency and accountability in the work of these organizations. The first workshop was conducted in Ramallah on February 5, 2007.

Participants in the workshop called for the amendment of the Charitable and Non-Governmental Law in a way that would ensure transparency and accountability in the sector. They called for mandating the Ministry of Justice instead of Ministry of Interior the role of registering charitable and non-governmental organizations. They also stressed that the judiciary should be the only body mandated supervision and monitoring of these organizations. It should also be the only body empowered to dissolve any institutions that violates the law and does not adhere to its objectives. On the other hand, participants criticized the cabinet’s decision to freeze the establishment of any new charitable and non-governmental organizations till the completion of a comprehensive review of the work of the existing organizations. It is worth mentioning here that the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity AMAN and Al-Mezan Center had protested this decision to the Supreme Judicial Court which on its part had stopped the decision and demanded the cabinet to provide explanation for its issuance in the first place.

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