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Al-Hares Puppet Show Continues its Performances to Children at Private Schools

Following the launch of Al-Hares show at Al-Kasaba on December 9, 2006, the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, AMAN organized an additional 19 puppet shows that target around 3500 children at private schools in Bethlehem, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

The shows tackle issues of corruption, nepotism, and favoritism in the Palestinian society. The beginning of these performances started with four showings for 600 school children between 10-13 years old at Al-Kasaba Theater in Ramallah. Al-Hares is a puppet show based on a short story that conveys lessons of integrity and accountability for kids. The motif behind the story shows how practicing favoritism negatively affects the development of a society. The showing of the play marks an innovative attempt in utilizing drama in tackling the issue of corruption for kids.

The same show will be performed at another 23 UNRWA and government schools before mid February 2007.

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