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December 9 marks Anti-Corruption Day

To mark International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December, Transparency International (TI) is launching its most powerful campaign yet. A new television spot, designed to make viewers “think again” about corruption, challenges its audience and reveals how corruption scars millions of the world’s children.

“We want to reach people who will never hear of anti-corruption conventions, procurement or codes of conduct,” says Jesse Garcia, who is coordinating the campaign. “There needs to be an understanding that corruption hurts people, that it can be stopped, and that there are people out there who are already fighting it. That’s the real message of hope.”

TI has launched accessibly-written information pages on corruption to galvanise the public in the fight against corruption.

And TI’s chapters are taking it to the streets with anti-corruption activities around the world, to spark debates and show average people, businesses and government what they can do to help.

TI Cambodia, in partnership with local organisations, is organising a series of events including a conference on ‘Poverty and Human Rights’. In India, TI’s national chapter is expecting a lively discussion in its ‘School Debate’. TI Bosnia Herzegovina’s ‘Zero Tolerance for Corruption’ event in Banja Luka will use music as a medium to protest the scourge of corruption.

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