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Transparency International: 2014 in pictures

The year 2014 brought excitement and change to Transparency International. Here is a look, through pictures, of what we have done this year to reinforce our vision of a world where the corrupt have no place to hide.

Unmasking the corrupt

Through our Unmask the Corrupt campaign, we sent out a strong message to corrupt politicians and businesspeople, who continue to enjoy luxury lifestyles funded by stolen money. Our advocacy paid off when G20 leaders took serious steps calling on countries to introduce public registries of company ownership so it will be harder for the corrupt to hide ill-gotten gains. Find out more here.

New leaders

The Transparency International movement elected José Ugaz, a former president of the movement’s chapter in Peru and a leading anti-corruption lawyer, as the new chair. Elena Panfilova, the chair of Transparency International Russia, was elected as the vice-chair of the movement’s international board of directors. Find out more here.

Ukraine: putting anti-corruption on the map

We supported our colleagues in Ukraine in their fight to put an end to the scourge of corruption that toppled president Victor Yanukovych and brought people into the streets. Yanukovych’s mansion near Kiev, which was opened to the public after his regime fell, became a symbol of kleptocracy. Find out more here.

Celebrating heroes

South Africa’s Public Prosecutor Thuli Madonsela was this year’s recipient of our Integrity Award. Her perseverance and ability to tirelessly and publicly pursue the corrupt have made her a hero for many. Find out more here.

African voices against corruption

Our web documentary African Voices told the inspiring stories of ordinary citizens taking up the fight against corruption and the staff in our Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres who support them. Find out more here.

Corruption threatening growth for all

Poorly equipped schools, counterfeit medicine and elections decided by money are just some of the consequences of public sector corruption. Our Corruption Perceptions Index measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption worldwide, and it painted an alarming picture. Find out more here.

Your right to know

On International Right to Know Day, we championed the right of access to information for all. This included a call on our Arabic Facebook page that reached more than 1.2 million people across the world in one day and engaged more than 36,000 citizens with the issue of access to information laws. Find out more here and here.

Women against corruption

On International Women’s Day we celebrated the bravery and innovation of female corruption fighters worldwide – those working in our chapters around the world and those whose commitment and tenacity inspire us to make the world a better place. Find out more here.

Our work in action

From an anti-corruption march along dusty tracks in deep rural Brazil, to engaging police on the streets of Yemen, to staging a drama about fundraising abuse in Nepal, this series of photographs shows how we’re tackling corruption around the world. Find out more here.

Acting together to end corruption

This year we shared and promoted our declaration against corruption, calling on people to take simple but profound actions to start an unstoppable global movement to eradicate the scourge. Find out more here.

With your support, we’re getting closer to reaching our vision. Thank you for standing with us in 2014. Let’s make 2015 corruption-free!

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