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Capture Corruption: Global Photo Competition Winners

We teamed up with the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the International Anti-Corruption Conference to launch “Capture Corruption”, a global photo competition looking for the most powerful images of corruption and its devastating impact on lives around the world.

We received more than 1,500 entries from around the world – images exposing injustice, exploitation and the activists who are fighting back.

Here are the first prize winners for the two categories.

18-30 YEARS OLD category AM Ahad
Child labour is illegal in Bangladesh, yet millions of young children in Bangladesh are still denied their education because they’re forced to work and support their families. AM Ahad was awarded first place for this image of a young girl working at a plastic recycling factory in Dhaka.
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“Children are most affected by corruption”
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31 YEARS AND OLDER category Giles Clarke
Thousands of people live and work in this vast landfill of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, without access to clean water, medicine or protective clothing. Giles Clarke was selected for first place for his portrait of three of the recyclers.
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“Corruption has left an indelible stain on humanity”
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