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@ctivate: online activists gather in Morocco

@ctivate is bringing together young bloggers and activists interested in the regional fight against corruption with the aim of building a network of like-minded people who can increase the impact of anti-corruption work in the Arab world.

Over four days in Mohammedia, Morocco, nearly 50 prominent bloggers from Egypt, Morocco, Palestine and Yemen will discuss and strategise on how to bridge the divide between online activism, grassroots initiatives and the people power that marked the Arab uprisings last year.

Facilitators and speakers include:

  • Mohamed Beshir, a prolific blogger from Egypt
  • Professor Adel Iskandar from Georgetown University
  • Zineb Belmkaddem from the February 20th activist movement in Morocco

The use of social media flourished in the lead-up to the uprisings throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Through this unique conference, Transparency International – in partnership with its chapter Transparency Maroc – aims to strengthen networks that link civil society, youth activists and media practitioners to increase their potential for activism and citizen engagement both nationally and regionally.

To follow proceedings of the event you can check our Twitter hashtag: #activatemaroc


For any press inquiries please contact [email protected]

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