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Corruption Perceptions Index

The 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index Measures The Perceived Levels Of Public Sector Corruption In 175 Countries And Territories


An error in transferring raw data from the Economist Intelligence Unit to the 2014 CPI computation files affected three countries. In the case of Saint Vincent and Grenadines the CPI score was revised from 67 to 62. The error made it appear that Samoa had the requisite 3 data sources. However, it did not have the necessary sources and so has been dropped from CPI 2014. Saint Lucia, however, was not included in the published 2014 CPI, though it should have been included.

This affected the published ranks of 21 additional countries/territories by one position.

All scores and ranks have been corrected. All content referring to the countries in question has also been amended.

The source description document has also been updated to clarify the underlying questions asked by the CPI sources and how this data is used in the CPI calculations.

What is happening in the regions of the world?