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Supporting Whistleblowers with GIFs and Stickers

Javier Villaraco

Who is not using GIFs nowadays? Or stickers on their Instagram stories? Nobody!

Because let’s face it — whatever you have to say, a GIF of Beyoncé probably says it better.

For this World Whistleblowing Day, we have created a bunch of stickers and GIFs that you can use to show your support for whistleblowers.

(In case you were wondering what the difference is, GIFs have a solid color background and are used more in conversations (WhatsApp or Messenger), while Stickers have a transparent background and are usually used as decoration for Instagram or Facebook stories).

Our GIFs and Stickers are powered by Giphy and Tenor, two of the biggest GIF services in the world. Regardless of whether you are on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger or any other platform with GIFs, you shouldn’t have any problems finding them.

How to use our whistleblowers GIFs?

Easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Simply click to the GIF buttons on your favorite network.
  2. Look for “Transparency International” on the browser and select one of our GIFs for WWBD. Additionally, you can also find them under other terms such as “whistleblowers”, “whistleblowing” or “WWBD2019” — this last one is, by the way, is the hashtag for the day.

How to use our whistleblowers Stickers?

Our stickers are available on Instagram and Facebook Stories. To use them, simply:

  1. Go to the stickers section once you have a video or a picture that you want to decorate.
  2. Tap on the GIF section
  3. Type “Transparency International”, “whistleblowers” or “WWBD2019”.
  4. Share with the world!

How to use our stickers on Instagram stories in three easy steps.

If you don’t know how to use stickers on WhatsApp, there are 2 simple ways.

  1. Download the Giphy App. After downloading, you will be asked to add Giphy stickers as one of the keyboards on your device.
  2. In a WhatsApp conversation, click on the + (plus) sign on the bottom left corner, tap on “Photo & Video Library” and then tap ‘GIF’, again on the bottom left corner.

Use the same search terms to find our Transparency International GIFs.

We hope you enjoy our GIFs and Stickers! And remember…

Finally, you can also support whistleblowers by donating today to Transparency International. Simply click HERE and help us to continue our work in the fight against corruption. :)



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