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Holding Power to Account – a Global Strategy Against Corruption 2021-2030

In the years leading up to 2030, Transparency International is dedicated to leading the global fight against corruption.

Holding Power to Account – A Global Strategy Against Corruption 2021-2030 sets out how our diverse Movement – comprised of independent national chapters and affiliates in over 100 countries and the international Secretariat – aims to contribute to a more positive future; a world in which power is held to account, for the common good.

Our goals:

1. Checks and balances

- Advance institutional checks and balances against concentration of power

2. Enforcement

- Accelerate the enforcement of anti-corruption standards for accountability

3. Social oversight

- Activate social oversight to protect the common good

Our objectives:

1. Protect the public’s resources

- Maximum openness, transparency and responsiveness in public contracting

- More effective prevention and exposure of public sector bribery, theft and abuse of power

2. Stop flows of dirty money

- Disabled systems for secret payments and concealment of assets

- Increased accountability for corruption-enabling networks and gatekeepers

3. Secure integrity in politics

- Removal of undue influence from elections and political appointments

- Greater transparency, accountability and equity in influence over public decision-making

4. Drive integrity in business

- A critical mass of business leadership fulfilling strong integrity commitments

- More effective exposure and punishment of corrupt business

5. Pursue enforcement and justice

- Strengthened independence, capacity and will to act for integrity institutions

- Greater equity, consistency and removal of bias in corruption prosecutions and judicial outcomes

- An effective international anti-corruption enforcement framework

6. Expand civic space for accountability

- Enhanced freedom and security for activists, whistleblowers and journalists to challenge abuse of power

- Increased channels for people to demand results for the common good

7. Build community leadership against corruption

- Strengthened public discourse based on deeper understanding and acceptance of accountability values

- A next generation of civic, public and business leaders better equipped to fight corruption