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  • Philippines

Philippines: Corruption causes failed Climate Proofing

Corruption Type

Bribery, Embezzlement

Corruption in climate adaptation infrastructure can have devastating consequences, leading to neglected, delayed or low quality constructions and leaving communities vulnerable to extreme weather events. This became clear in the Philippines in 2009, when a Typhoon hit the archipelago: Key flood prevention projects had not been finished yet or delayed entirely, others had been poorly built or neglected by a public administration plagued by endemic corruption. Bribery in the granting of building permits meant that authorities frequently ignored regulations, in some cases allowing projects to be built several meters under the flood line. Following the storm, the government declared the state of calamity and designated special funds to disaster relief – however, it is unclear how exactly this money was spent, further fostering allegations of embezzlement by public officials.

Source: Global Climate Report: Climate Change (2011)

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