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“Corruption still exerts a major influence on business dealings around the world,” said Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen, speaking at the World Business Forum in Istanbul

It is a demoralizing force, and prevents the development of progressive strategies for social change." Peter Eigen, Chairman of Transparency International, which today released its annual index of the perceptions by the business community of corruption in more than 50 countries.

Eigen was speaking on a panel exploring an agenda for sustainable development in the world's major cities. Other speakers included Olivier Giscard D'Estaing, co-founder of the CAUX Roundtable, Karen Jespersen, Denmark's Minister for Social Affairs, and Robin Heal, Chairman of the London Enterprise Board. The World Business Forum will make recommendations to the United Nations on a business "code of conduct", which will include ethics, and the responsibility of private enterprise to form partnerships with city governments and residents, in order to build sustainable and humane living environments.

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