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Handbook of good practices: Preventing corruption in humanitarian operations

Transparency International (TI) has long held that the most damaging impact of corruption is the diversion of basic resources from poor people. ...

Report published – Jan 2010

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Anticorruption efforts and civilian life disrupted in Palestine

Transparency International’s national chapter in Palestine condemns the Israeli incursions on the civilian population in the Gaza Strip and demands ...

Investigative journalism honoured

See the top entries of a new Corruption Reporting Award from One World Media in association with Transparency International.

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Real lives, true stories

When we talk about corruption in terms of statistics, it’s easy to forget the human cost of abused power. Behind every fact or figure are real ...

Annual Report published – Jul 2012

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Policy Position 06/2011: Making aid effective: An anti-corruption agenda

While aid flows topped US$ 128 billion in 2010, they have not always been good at achieving results due to corruption and mismanagement that arise ...

Policy position published – Nov 2011