Poland 2012

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Published by Transparency International Secretariat on 5 March 2012

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This assessment of the National Integrity System (NIS) evaluates Poland’s key institutions in terms of their capacity to prevent corruption and maintain the integrity of the system, examining both the legal framework and what happens in practice.

The report, prepared by Transparency International with the Institute of Public Affairs, one of the Polish leading public policy think tanks, examines the extent to which Polish institutions function as intended and whether Poland has an effective strategy for fighting corruption.

These institutions are assessed in the economic, political and socio-cultural context of the country. This study of institutions and their contexts thus provides an overall picture of the Polish national integrity system and its capacity to prevent corruption. The picture emerging from the reports assessing the institutions which, with time, could form a coherent system of integrity of public life in Poland, can be described as only fairly satisfactory.

The general profile of corruption in Poland allows us to claim that it is not a phenomenon of dramatic proportions or one that threatens the foundations of the state and the social order in Poland. Nonetheless there are numerous problematic areas which must be addressed if we are to talk meaningfully about having a functioning national integrity system in the country

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